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Welcome to my blog.

Wondering what it’s all about/who I am/how the heck you ended up here? Jeez, you’re almost as bad as me!

Ok then. I’m a twentysomething professional, living a fairly happy little life in a fairly nice little city. I don’t have a huge amount to moan about, and for that I’m very grateful.

However, I do have a lot of questions. Many of these are in the fairly standard ‘how-much-is-this-cake-please?’ and ‘where-did-you-get-your-dress-from-and-please-don’t-say-it’s-vintage’ vein of questioning.

However, some of them have just a touch more depth. As a woman, many of the things I find myself questioning are inextricable from the issue of feminism. Sadly, so many people are scared off by the ‘f’ word, that they fail to realise that actually, at the core of feminism is a simple questioning of what it means to be a woman in today’s world. Something that ALL women – and, frankly, all good men – should have an interest in.

If you like to ask questions as much as I do, there’s every chance you might enjoy my blog. You might not agree with everything I say (let’s face it, it would be boring and a bit creepy if you did), but I will be nothing but honest in my ramblings, in the hopes that this encourages others to ask questions. Even if they don’t arrive at the same answers as me.

Hit me up* if you have any feedback! I try to reply to all comments ASAP. Your comments, follows and likes really do keep me going with this, so a massive thank you for each and every one! :)

* Note to self: can’t pull off ‘hit me up’



  1. dixxyd

    Thanks for the follow. As you can see having ‘like’ed half your blog, I’m following you back! Nice to see someone thinking out loud about feminism – and doing it without ranting – I have to watch my own terrible inclination to rant .. I can hear my mother saying ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything’ – ha, that never stuck!

    • agirlwithquestions

      Hi there – thanks for the comment. Well it might surprise you to learn that I’m a big ranter myself (just ask my boyfriend!) But actually, this blog is proving to be the best way for me to get all my thoughts and feelings down in a coherent way. I think some of the most accessible feminist literature is that that is delivered with calm, clear logic, and that ranting really tends to turn people off and negate any positive messages. I also like to think I’m quite far removed from the ‘scary ranty feminist’ that many people envisage when they hear the ‘f’ word!

  2. ehill2bo

    I’m here to make the same comment as the dixxyd :) You’re my very first follower and I feel very honored (and yes, that’s spelled right. I am an American). As writing does not come naturally to me, I’m waiting for my next burst of inspiration (or surge of anger) so the words will come out. I want to thank you for being one of the many women encouraging me to write and think out loud.

    • agirlwithquestions

      Hello! Thank you for your comment. I’m so glad to hear I might help in some small way to encourage you to write. I’ve always loved writing, but knew I had to pick something I really cared about for the blog. It’s a bit intimidating to be writing about a topic that so many people feel so strongly about in so many different ways, but like you say, I really am just ‘thinking out loud’. I’m trying not to over-think things or force anything, and I hope this comes across in my writing. I’m just a normal girl talking about something that really matters to me. I really liked your first post (have commented on it just now) and look forward to reading some more!

  3. wwvwd

    Thank you for following and thank you for putting this into words! A while ago I lived with a guy who did not understand feminism and usually laughed amused at my rants. One day he showed me that article, possibly because it would be terribly funny to watch my head blow off. It didn’t, (I was way to tired, and frankly didn’t feel like I bothered amuse him _that_ way) but I always kept thinking I should counter act, Now I can just link this blog post instead. So thanks!

    • agirlwithquestions

      Hello. Thanks so much for the comment – that’s a great compliment. I often think I’m much better at articulating myself via written word than spoken, and I do sometimes struggle to put an argument across in person. This blog has become a good way to make sense of my own thoughts. I think you should definitely send him the link. Better late than never! :)

  4. B

    Your blog is awesome and I agree with a lot of your posts (but in a completely non-creepy and slightly exciting way). I, too, have a lot of questions! Your blog has provided me with a good read and a lot more questions to think about (some that I didn’t even know I had) so thank you :)

    • agirlwithquestions

      Hello there. What a lovely comment – thank you so much! And I don’t find that creepy; I find it quite charming and yes, rather exciting! :) I hope you continue to enjoy the blog, and ask many a question.

    • agirlwithquestions

      Hello! Thank you for the follow and comment. And WOW, thank you so much for the nomination! I’m extremely flattered. I’m only just finding my feet with blogging, but it feels great to be writing again (for something other than work) and I’m glad other people are enjoying it! :)

  5. smartbitchdumbbitch

    Thanks for the follow and also for introducing me to your truly kick-ass blog. I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a litany of questions that are harder to answer than ask. Thanks!

    • agirlwithquestions

      Ooh, what a lovely comment – thank you! It’s scary how many questions I have, to be honest. I’ll probably end up lulling The Entire Internet into a feminist coma at some point… But very glad to know I’m not alone! :)

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